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GENERAL INFORMATION All currently enrolled students have been assigned a PIN and may take advantage of all services currently available through Trojan Web Express.Your initial password (PIN) is the First Letter of your First Name (capital) + First Letter of your Last Name (lowercase) + 8 digit birthdate (MMDDYYYY).

Just a reminder, no PIN is required to view course schedules for any TROY location. Just click on "Search for Sections" and specify a TROY location.

For assistance, call 1-800-414-5756 or submit a Helpdesk ticket.

If you have never filled out a Helpdesk request before, you must first create an account. For instructions on how to complete the request, please review our Helpdesk Instruction.

All registrations will be processed through Student Planning after Term 4. To plan and register for courses, click on Student Planning Registration within the Students menu.

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