Residential Network (RESNET) Policy

  1. Users can “Logout” from the network by visiting and clicking on the “Network Logout” button at the top of the page.
  2. RESNET users will refrain from abusive or harassing behavior toward others via email or other electronic means.
  3. RESNET users are prohibited from utilizing any file-sharing or peer-to-peer (P2) application on the network, and will not knowingly and illegally download, stream and/or distribute copyrighted materials, such as movies, music, software, and/or video games.
  4. RESNET users are prohibited from tampering with any RESNET resource including excessive bandwidth usage, hardware, Ethernet wiring, network jacks, and Access Points. (Also, incident will be investigated and reported to Dean of Students for disciplinary action)
  5. RESNET users are not allowed to install or connect any hardware such as wireless routers, hubs, wireless range extenders, ethernet switches or other network equipment to the RESNET network for any reason without express written consent from the IT department. Doing so could result in a permanent network block as these devices could disrupt and interfere with network services and establish security vulnerabilities.
  6. RESNET users are prohibited from changing or masking their IP address distributed from the University and/or Configuring or attempting to set a “Proxy”, use of a VPN/Anonymizer, as well as any attempts to bypass the Troy Network Access Control device by manipulating/masquerading one's network device.
  7. RESNET users are strictly prohibited from using another user's computer without consent from the computer's owner.
  8. RESNET users are strictly prohibited from performing network scans, port vulnerability scans, sniffing, and Denial of Service attacks. (Block length dependent on review by the University's Security Team)
  9. RESNET users are prohibited from unauthorized access to local and/or remote resources at Troy University, or any other institution, without express written permission from said institution.
  10. RESNET users are limited to a maximum of 7 devices logged into the RESNET Network at any given time.
  11. RESNET users are strictly prohibited from sharing user credentials with any user, for any reason. This includes requesting another user to log into your computer with their credentials, or logging into another user's computer with your credentials.
  12. RESNET computing has been designed and designated with Academics as a first and foremost application. The use of these resources is a "privilege", not a "right".
  13. RESNET users are expressly prohibited from connecting ANY device other than a Gaming Console, (Microsoft Xbox Series, Nintendo, and Sony Playstations) to the "RESNET Console" protected wireless network. Violation of this policy is an automatic 2 day network block.

Some of the above polices are previously stated in the University's Information and Technology Usage Policy listed at

RESNET Policies listed here are subject to change at any time without prior notice to users.

Any violation of these policies can result in the following suspensions:

1st Offense of Academic Year - Helpdesk Ticket Required

2nd Offense - 2 Days Suspension

3rd Offense - 5 Days Suspension

4th and Above Offense - Semester Suspension

The definition of suspension is as follows: Internet access for ALL personal systems (e.g. Laptops, Desktops, Tablets, and/or Phones) that are used by the offending user, will be blocked from accessing services from the University's Campus Network for the above number of days.

Current students are encouraged to visit the Troy University Helpdesk at

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